The electronic component industry is made up of three key players, namely, the component manufacturers, the component distributor and the customer.


  • The component manufacturers, or principals are usually the big boys who produce various components that are used in the manufacture of products such as industrial, audio and video, telecommunications, home appliance, lighting, EMS, and automotive products.
  • The customers are the manufacturers that use these components to manufacture the end products within these product segments.
  • The distributor supports the component manufacturers by providing marketing, sales and logistics services to customers in various locations.


As a reputable component distributor, we are a conduit between our multinational principals and their broad spectrum of customers. We focus on bridging multinational principals with our niche market of smaller customers, most of whom are better served by us as our principals concentrate more of their resources to building strategic partnerships with larger industry captains.


Working closely with our principals form an integral part of our overall value chain. We collaborate with our principals to marry their technical and marketing support together with our in-depth knowledge of our customers' needs to expand the market and increase the value of the components. Our role also involves sharing our principals' inventory and accounts receivable risks. Combined, all of these challenges have caused a greater bonding between our principals and us.

As a value-adding distributor, our priority is to meet the wide spectrum of our customers' needs and requirements and provide cost effective solutions and best services to improve their competitiveness. We combine deep product knowledge with extensive industry experience to provide customers with solution services such as technical design and engineering, often resulting in significant performance advantages and/or cost savings.